Each year, hundreds of thousands of teenagers learn they are pregnant. If you have recently discovered you are pregnant, you may be going through a lot of emotions, including shock, uncertainty, confusion, and fear. You certainly have a lot on your plate now. Not only do you need to tell your parents that you are pregnant, but you also need to come up with a plan. You need unplanned pregnancy help, and you are not alone.

The challenges that come with being a young parent seem insurmountable. Not only will you have to put your education on hold, but you also only have so many hours in the day to study for college, work to pay the bills, and care for your child. Your needs come secondary to the needs of the small infant who seems constantly hungry or in need of changing, and the hours of sleep you get at night begin to dwindle. Not to mention that relationships change so much during this tumultuous time. The costs of childcare also begin to rack up, leaving you with the feeling that it is all too much.

Everybody who is pregnant needs support and love. After all, pregnancy and parenting both have their own sets of challenges. Unplanned pregnancy help is available, and it can help you make the difficult choices that come with your current circumstances.

Unplanned Pregnancy Help Through Your Parents

Telling your parents about an unplanned pregnancy may be one of the most awkward conversations you ever have in your life. Understanding how to speak with your parents puts you on the right track for building a supportive environment for your decisions and helps you strengthen your relationship as time goes on.

One of the best things you can do ahead of time is to determine how you feel about your pregnancy. Asking yourself questions about your feelings will help you determine a plan of action you can bring to your parents when you tell them your current situation. For instance, you might consider asking yourself:

  • Can you take on the responsibility of providing for another life?
  • Are you emotionally, physically, and financially ready to be a parent?
  • Are you willing to put your career and education on hold to parent?
  • Does the father of your baby want to be involved?
  • Do you understand how your relationships are likely to change if you become a parent?

Your parents may ask you these questions, and bringing answers to the table makes it clear that you are taking your unplanned pregnancy seriously and want to make the best decision for you and a child. Understanding the answers to these questions shows that you have approached your decisions with a sense of maturity.

Your next step is to choose a time and place to talk. Rather than selecting a busy restaurant to have this serious discussion, you might want to consider a more private location where you can have privacy and ample time. You want to be free to express your feelings, and you want to have the time to do it properly. Your parents may be your biggest source of unplanned pregnancy help, so you want to be clear and honest with them about your plans and feelings.

After you reveal the news, be calm and patient. After all, they are now going through all the feelings you had when you first learned the news too. You may need to plan another discussion for the future when cooler heads can prevail, and you can discuss concrete steps you want to take.

Unplanned Pregnancy Help Through Support Systems

Your next priority is likely your mental health. Many people feel very sad when they experience an unplanned pregnancy, and the weight of the realization can feel so heavy. They may feel alone like they have no options. They may feel judged by their peers, including friends.

Building a support system is important during this time. You need friends and family members on your side, especially if you do not have a supportive boyfriend while you consider your options. Unplanned pregnancy can make you feel as if you are doing it all alone, but in truth about 6.7 million women in the United States are pregnant each year—and about half of those instances are unplanned.

If you are pregnant, you might consider seeking therapy or counseling during this time. Many young women benefit from having a therapist who is understanding of their current state. Plus, counselors can point you in the direction of additional resources.

Support can also be found through local organizations that support new and expectant mothers. Some organizations provide mental health assistance as well as support for healthcare and educational services.

Unplanned Pregnancy Help Through Adoption

Many couples desperately want to have a child, but they are unable to have one themselves. As a result, they may turn to adoption as a solution. If you are unsure about your next steps, you might consider finding a loving home for your child. This can eliminate some of the stressors you are contending with when you think about parenting.

Of course, choosing to place a child for adoption seemingly comes with its own set of challenges. You may need a place to live, a way to pursue your education, legal assistance, and medical care. Lifetime Adoption offers resources that help you address these challenges so that adoption becomes a more feasible option.

One of the most helpful resources for young people considering adoption when they face an unplanned pregnancy is the book, So I Was Thinking About Adoption. The book is available through the Lifetime Adoption website and offers some wisdom to help you make your decision.

Help is also available through the Lifetime Adoption hotline at 1-800-923-6784. Call or text 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also chat with us live below. Their team provides confidential discussions with a coordinator who can tell you more about adoption and answer some of your questions. This unplanned pregnancy help is free and private, and you can receive professional advice with no strings attached.